The Apollo Walnut and Coffee Cake

Having friends over for a cuppa or just looking for some self-indulgence? Then why not try our Apollo Walnut and Coffee Cake, the perfect slice of nutty heaven. Light enough for those sunny afternoons but flavoursome enough to keep you going through a rainy day.

Cake Ingredients:

100g of soft butter or spread

100g of caster sugar

2 large eggs, free range highly recommended.

100g of self rasing flour

1tsp of Baking Powder

70g of Apollo’s Walnuts, chopped.

1 tbsp of Coffee essence

For the Filling:

75g of soft butter

225g of icing sugar (make sure you sift out lumps)

2 tsp milk

2 tsp coffee essence

Decorate with Apollo’s Walnuts on top.

Cooking Instructions

First things first let’s get the oven heated. We’re looking at around 180, Gas mark 4. Then it’s time to line two round baking tins with greaseproof paper, about an 18cm diameter works best.

Combine all the cake mixture in one giant bowl, making sure it is completely smooth and using an electric whisk if a hand held doesn’t do the trick.

Split the mixture into the two lined tins and make sure to spread it evenly. 20 – 25 minutes should do the trick, but make sure to let the cakes stand for at least 5 minutes, if not longer, before turning out on a rack to cool.

Whilst the cakes are cooling make the filling. Start with the butter and then gradually add the icing sugar too, beating the mixture throughout. Once mixed thoroughly add milk and coffee essence. Again we want a completely smooth and glossy mix.

This mixture can be spread generously across the cake when cooled; half as a filling and half on top. Place one half on the other and hey presto, you have an iced cake!

Decorate with Apollo Walnut pieces for a final flourish and get the kettle on quick; this cake won’t be around for the long! Enjoy and feel free to send us pictures of your creation and of you enjoying Apollo’s Nuts!

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